Motherly Love: This Wedding Season Twin Your Ethnic Ensembles With Your Little Angels

The wedding season is in full swing and will be for quite some time. A wedding is not a one-day celebration, it goes on for several days, and one should have at least three or four outfits, for Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, and the wedding day. Matching Indian wedding dress for women and daughters has always been the talk of the town’s talk. It makes you quite fashionable and lets you flaunt your style equation with your cute daughter. Whether your daughter is small or not, you can still go innovative with your wedding or party wear dresses and accentuate the elegance by coordinating them with your little ones. 

Furthermore, matching elegant dresses for wedding and party wear is one of the best ideas as they will cut down your burdens. You can do it neatly, just like celebrities. Thus, let us look at some of the best ideas where you can match with your little one and loot sweet compliments from people at the wedding. 

Best Mother-Daughter Outfit Ideas

Let us find out some of the amazing mother-daughter outfit ideas. 

Get Matching Gowns

Getting a gown for you and your mini-you can be a great option if you are going to attend a more formal wedding function. Also, heavily ornamented dresses are quite appropriate for weddings. Women also get running fabric similar to their gown and get their daughter’s gown tailor-made as it is one of the finest ways to look adorable together. 

Get Matching Lehengas

Getting a matching lehenga for you and your daughter can make you both the head-turner duo of the function. Women who find problems in finding similar lehenga in a small size generally get custom-made to match their outfits. 

Furthermore, several options are available in lehengas, such as pastel color lehengas, contrasting lehengas, gotta-patti lehengas, and many more. Women can choose from a wide range of styles for the theme of the celebration. The best way to match your lehenga with your daughter is by getting a lightweight and simple fabric, a simple skirt, and a crop top. Pair them with beautiful dupattas, and you are good to go. 

Get Matching Shararas

If you have already tried old-school gowns and lehengas multiple times and want to try something new, you can try shararas or ghararas. It looks chic and super stylish on women and makes your daughter cute. Your little one will look super awesome with a tiny dupatta. Furthermore, she will be all set to bag love and praise. 

You can also pick matching fabrics for your sharara outfits and get them tailor-made. Choose the finest designs and dupattas to twin with your daughter and enjoy the day. 

Match Your Accessories

If you don’t have enough time to match your outfit with your daughter but want something super quick, go for matching accessories. You and your daughter can pick the same flowers or hair accessories that give you both the feeling of twinning. Furthermore, matching jewelry, tiaras, and heels can give you a great feel. 

You can also go experimental with your hairstyles. You both can look quite similar without generally looking like the copy-pasted version of each other. People generally play the matching-outfits card, but you can perfectly match in a different way. 

Color Coordination

If you are not one of those who like matching the entire outfit with your daughter or you have already repeated it several times, a great idea would be color-coordination with your mini-one. It is one of the easiest things to do and doesn’t require a lot of effort. 

Your daughter’s outfit doesn’t matter; just pick the same color for your outfits, and you are ready to twin. To make the day special, let your husband and other kids join in the game of color coordination and steal all the attention.

Custom Almirah Best Co-ord Sets

Now when you have read a lot about mother and daughter outfits, why not look at some of the exciting products featured on the Custom Almirah website. 

  • White Anarkali Suit
  • Navy Blue Kurta And Salwar
  • Offf-White Kurta With Sharara
  • Orange Kurta Set

White Anarkali Suit

If you are looking for something simple for wedding ceremonies, you can try this white Anarkali suit. The set consists of breathable pajamas and a fascinating dupatta that has beautiful designs. The best part about the product is that it comes in several sizes. Furthermore, you can customize as per your needs. Twin with your beautiful daughter to grab all the attention. The beautiful set is priced at only $700 on the Custom Almirah website.Beautiful Embroidered kurta

Navy Blue Kurta And Salwar

With this navy blue kurta set, you and your daughter will look versatile and super stunning. The borders and cuffs are enhanced with detailed embroidery. You will also get a beautiful net dupatta that will enhance the overall look of the kurta set. You can wear the dress to weddings, parties, or several other occasions. Buy this dress for only $700 from the website.

Actress Fiza Ali Spending Awesome Time during Eid with Her Cute Daughter

Off-White Kurta With Sharara

If you are willing to try something different this wedding season, this enchanting off-white kurta set can be a great option. Both kurta and sharara are embellished with beautiful silver sequins, making the dress more appealing. The dress is made up of the most breathable fabrics and can be worn on any occasion. Also, your daughter will look so cute in this glamorous dress. The dress is priced at only $700 on the Custom Almirah website.

Sharara dress

Orange Kurta Set

An orange kurta set can be a great wedding dress for women and daughters. For women, the set consists of alluring kurta, palazzo, and dupatta with lace. While for your beautiful daughter, we have kurta paired with beautiful salwar and dupatta. Pair the dress with your favorite pair of sandals and jutis. Buy the dress for only $700 from the website.

Fiza Ali Daughter Pics

Visit the Custom Almirah if you want to browse more mother-daughter outfits. You will also find a wide range of products such as Anarkali suits, jackets, kurtas, gowns, sarees, jumpsuits, and many more at economical prices. You would love to know that we also customize as per your requirements.

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